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An Interview with a MOST Unusual Pet: Meet Cookie, the Axolotl!


I am so happy for everyone to meet my new friend and special blog guest, Cookie, the axolotl. I ran across them on Instagram and… well… I just fell in love with their smile! I thought it’d be fun to get together to chat and hope you’ll enjoy this interview. Yay!

Art with Heart


Like most artist/designers, I have many (many) collections of all kinds of stuff in my home. In my case, much of it falls under the category of art. The walls are dense with pieces I’ve acquired

Web Launch


I’m so happy to announce the launch of the newly designed soCharmed Web site. I’m going to miss that crazy old site; it served me well for so long I can’t even remember.

Rebel Rebel Pattern Launch


Long time, no blog, don’t hate! In the years since, truth be told, I’ve not been making much jewelry. Well, I did make some, but then got bogged down making the Web pages… but I’ll do that one day! Promise! Meanwhile, I’ve turned into a crazed, knitting-addicted maniac. And, even more troubling (exciting?) I’ve designed […]

Dottie Angel Frock, Part 1: WHAT SIZE?


You read it here first: Simplicity Pattern 1080, The Dottie Angel Frock (DAF for short), released earlier in 2015, is fast becoming a cult classic in the world of crafts and sewing. This is a pattern that will live for decades, and will one day be out of print, collectible, and highly valued on the […]

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