You’ve Got A Friend: Night Night


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Night, night, sleep tight,
Don’t let the bugs bite,
If they bite squeeze them tight,
They won’t come back another night.

Scottish Lullaby

Each necklace in this series features a fun-lovin’ vintage Care Bear friend–ready to party in a cute party hat–surrounded by a deliciously sweet, super sparkly riot of vintage and new beads and charms (including a mememto mori vintage skull), all affixed to 19 inches of chunky candy-colored plastic chain and guaranteed to bring maximum joy to you and everyone you meet. Each is one of a kind, as pictured, and ready to come knockin’ on your door. The entire first series is also shown, other friends listed separately. Return to the Capsule collection page here.

PS: As an added love bonus, I’m including a free vintage Mardi Gras beaded necklace with each Friend necklace (very last picture). These are quite old and rare, probably dated mid-20th century, judging from the plastic and the colors. I’ll randomly choose one that will layer well with your Friend!

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