The Queen’s Army

This product is sold. If you'd like something similar, please email me to see what might be possible.

The Queen is the only person to declare war and peace. This dates back from when the Monarch was responsible for raising, maintaining and equipping the Army and Navy. I think these days though, there are other individuals and groups declaring war from time to time. With lovely crown-shaped chandelier findings, patina’d and gold-leafed by hand, a curation of simply gorgeous beads and bones, asymmetrical dangles including a tiny punk rock safety pin charm, a ruby encrusted gem and a black glass faceted channel set stoneā€¦ these slightly outsized earrings will rock out any mission you embark upon. Elegant, bohemian, and badass, somehow at the same time.

Lightweigh, long kidney wires, can be swapped out for shorter leverbacks, just email me.

I am happy to answer questions and please click photos below to enlarge.