The Mended Heart #1

This product is sold. If you'd like something similar, please email me to see what might be possible.

We stitch the dear tattered thing together, its mends and scars our memory-badges of love, honor, strength, loss, pain, resilience and joy. Who amongst us doesn’t carry a precious version of this story?

The Mended Heart necklaces are evocative one of a kind treasured heirlooms, crafted with a curation of ancient and new materials gathered across decades and continents. Materials may be frayed, and all sewing is purposefully primitive and imperfect.

The readymade necklace pictured here is available as shown and includes: vintage feedsack quilting (1930s), handcrafted twine, vintage beads (bone, horn, glass), a vintage button, vintage millinery supply and a special vintage numbered French laundry tag. A small tin red truck with moveable axles dangles from the main focal. A tiny rusted safety pin adorns the back. This necklace includes a tiny tooth that is not real but is dental supply and truly looks authentic. Made to be worn long, each necklace is a fixed length (+/- 34″) that falls below the breast. Hearts range from 3-4″ including dangling charm at bottom. I can provide a precise measurement and may be able to shorten, but not lengthen the cord. The last photo provides a sense of scale and context when worn.

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ALSO AVAILABLE by request: Custom Mended Heart

I also offer customized heirloom Mended Heart necklaces that include similar supplies and treatments, but also can incorporate treasures of your own. These should be small items (like those you see on the readymades), in keeping with the overall aesthetic, and must be able to be readily sewn into place, either on the heart’s front or back, or on the necklace ribbon/cording. Examples that can work are small buttons, scraps of fabric, small charms or keys. If you’d like a necklace customized, we’ll have an email convo to discuss details and review items you might wish to include. Snapshots of your supplies can also help in assessing feasibility. I can start with a quilt scrap of yours or utilize one from my collection and can let you know what’s available at the time of inquiry.

Finally, a small amount of beloved human or animal ash remains can be tucked and sewn into a customized heart, permanently and I’ll guide you through these requirements.

Custom Mended Hearts start at $250. For further information, please email me.



I am happy to answer questions and please click photos below to enlarge.