The Collector: Bluebird of Happiness

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If life is an endlessly fascinating curation of experience and memory, so your adornments must be. This is the second in what I believe will be a longer series for two reasons: 1. I loved making this. The quiet rhythm, the poetry, the intuition and counter-intuition of juxtaposing so much treasure. And, 2. I have more beads than any one human being should (by any measure) own, collected over decades and from around the globe.

This one of a kind strand, a soft baroque palette of mostly blues/pinks, is 46″ without a clasp and can be worn long, flapper-style, or looped twice over your head. Upon examination, and I hope you’ll examine it for years to come, you will find too many things to name, but here’s a partial list: glass Czeck bluebird, handsewn velvet heart, vintage wedding cake bead, bullet casing, memento mori ceramic skull, textiles including vintage millinery, stars, a rusted metal button from an archeological dig, raw ruby, rusted safety pin, tribal beads, and endless sparkle from divine glass beads. Last photos (with Magnolia Pearl jacket) will give you size and my styling context. But looks great with a shredded tee shirt too!

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