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Dateline: 2011.
Sw 1644+57: Black hole eats star and then
blasts 3.8 billion light-year beam at Earth.
Research has confirmed that the flash from one of the biggest and brightest bangs yet recorded by astronomers comes from a massive black hole at the center of a distant galaxy. The black hole appears to have ripped apart a star that wandered too close, creating a powerful beam of energy that crossed the 3.8 billion light years to Earth.

An amazing necklace to celebrate this astrological event, features intricate handcrafted, double-sided porcelain focal charm and a pretty outstanding collection of other stuff, including a quartz crystal point, vintage, new, and handcrafted beads, ancient metal and glass buttons, + Indian sari fiber. Colors are really beautiful and unique, including neon yellows and orangey reds that can’t be picked up on digital images.

Blast your own light beam wearing this one of a kind work of art. Ready to ship.

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