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Mrs. Eaves is a transitional serif typeface designed by Zuzana Licko in 1996, and licensed by Emigre, a typefoundry run by Licko and husband Rudy VanderLans. But Mrs. Eaves is named for Mrs. Eaves, and she has a lovely story.

Mrs. Eaves (the font) is named after Sarah Eaves, the woman who became John Baskerville’s wife. Like his typefaces, John Baskerville was, himself, a controversial character. As Baskerville was setting up his printing and type business, he hired Sarah Eaves as his live-in housekeeper; eventually, her husband Richard abandoned her and their five children, and Mrs. Eaves became Baskerville’s mistress and eventual helpmate with typesetting and printing. She married Baskerville within a month of her estranged husband’s death. Selection of the name Mrs Eaves honors one of the forgotten women in the history of typography.

I picture Mrs. Eaves (the woman) as a sultry 18th century mistress who knows a thing or two about type and printing. Thus, this necklace, with ancient garter as focal serves to honor her. Also features an incredible vintage glass bead affixed as a contemplative spinner, a crescent cut from chippy antique ceiling tin, ancient crystal glass beads, Indonesian glass tribal beads, rusted chain and gear and a bit of tattered satin ribbon.

Very special, truly one-of-a-kind wearable assemblage art.

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