Minty Fresh Moth

This product is sold. If you'd like something similar, please email me to see what might be possible.

Minty Fresh Moth is ready to alight upon your lapel, your backpack, a sweater, any place you need a little friend. Best of all, he does NOT eat wool, although would appreciate a small bread crumb from time to time. Minty was once a lovely peppermint candy tin and has been fashioned entirely by hand from this and other vintage reclaimed tin. Cut from a pattern, riveted together, and then given a special patina for a rustic aged appearance, he is one of a kind and ready to fly home to you.

Please note: Although the moth pins are truly adorable, and are carefully filed and sanded, they are not appropriate for children, as a stray edge could be slightly sharp. Due to their weight, these brooches are not appropriate for wear on very fine fabrics such as silk, gauze, orĀ  extra tissue-weight cottons.


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