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In April 1770, on the day of her marriage to Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette became Dauphine of France. She assumed the title of Queen when her husband ascended the throne in May 1774. After seven years of marriage, she gave birth to a daughter, Marie Thérèse, the first of four children.

Initially charmed by her personality and beauty, the French people generally came to dislike her, accusing “L’Autre-chienne” (a pun playing with the words Autrichienne meaning Austrian (woman) and Autre-chienne meaning Other bitch), of being a spendthrift and promiscuous, and of harboring sympathies for France’s enemies, particularly Austria, her country of origin.

Eternally charmed by  the spendthrifty promiscuous other bitch, I’ve trapped her image (and one of her famous cakes) into a micro thin glass rustic soldered frame, with fleur-de-lis embellishment. Lighter weight than it may appear in these photos, and strung on a gorgeous 36 inch length of vintage sari ribbon from India for tying behind the neck or off to the side. Frame itself is 1.5 x 2 inches, curved filigree adds 5/8 inch.

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