Under the Crescent Moon


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There’s that feeling you get when you look at the moon, that someone you love–someone perhaps far away–is gazing at the same sliver of glowing white and maybe, just maybe, thinking of you.

Treasured bits and pieces come together into this necklace, which features a slice of ancient tin ceiling tile, a glass eyeball, rivets, vintage and new beads and findings, and deliciously grungey patinas throughout. The clasp is vintage, one of those slidey things, as shown.

Please note, it’s possible that the paint on the front of this tin contains lead, since it is likely as old as turn of the century, up to the 1940’s. The back does not contain any paint. Rust is always a part of these found objects.

The crescent itself is about 3.5″ across. The length of the necklace is about 17.5″ total. Due to the somewhat delicate nature of this piece, I recommend that you wear it shorter rather than longer, so that it sits upon the flat part of the chest, rather than bouncing around at a longer length. I’m happy to make adjustments. While this piece is very stable, there is some fragility, with tiny beads and glass that could break if dropped, banged, or otherwise abused. Not recommended for children, or a night out slam dancing.

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