My So Charmed Life

i heart this band



I am WAAAAAY too old to stay up for Letterman, Conan, &tc. but I am NOT way too old to have a serious need to know exactly what is happening with today’s young rock geniuses. So, with many thanks to friend Aaron Karsh and his diy BANDS ON LATE dvd’s, I was able to catch a performance of Ghostland Observatory, a pair of Austin TX dudes (one of whom seems to have a penchant for wearing metallic silver capes, but we all made bad fashion decisions in our youth didn’t we?) who have revived synth-pop with a vengeance. Unlike the ultra clean, sorta precious synth masters of the past (to whom this music does pay homage), these guys rock so hard, with an energy that is barely containable (think: a synthetic Clash), even in the recorded format, let alone live. Prolific youngsters, they’ve released 3 CDs out in less than 2 years. I only have Paparazzi Lightening, which is over-the-top excellent, but I’ll be downloading the rest… yes I will.

Haven’t been this excited by a music duo since my beloved White Stripes! How is Meg doing? Does anyone know? I hope she is feeling better!