Home Sweet Home


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Under My House
by Melvin Tuttlefield

there is dirt
under my house
deep down
way down
under there, somewhere

I saw it once
before the house was built
and the land was empty
except for the
wild brown grasses and weeds
and the bugs and the sticks
and the kids who would play
and the neighbor man
who’d chase them out

they’d run home dirty
from the dirt
that’s under the house

Rustic gypsy brooch made from hand-cut and sanded reclaimed tin, with delightful dangles: a ceramic tooth and vintage charms/beads and patina’d to a primitive state. A sweet but ominous assemblage full of wistful memory. This brooch is fairly lightweight, but would still be best on a jacket or sweater rather than thinner fabrics. Not appropriate for children. One of a kind and ready to ship.

Note: The mannequin hand is life-sized, average woman, for reference.

I am happy to answer questions and please click photos below to enlarge.