My So Charmed Life

Hearts A’Plenty



It’s getting near that time of year again, where hearts are beating louder than usual, expressing their love on St. Valentine’s Day. Hearts have been an icon of choice at So Charmed since the beginning; you can find them in every collection on the site. Some hearts are a bit macabre… pictured above, Bring Me the Heart of Marie Antoinette.


While some hearts are blue, possessing a web of Stress Fractures, as pictured above. This found object necklace resides in the personal collection of one of my favorite hearts, Ms Stephanie of Beverly Hills, CA.


Some hearts are sugary sweet and look good enough to eat, like these delicious Birthday Cake earrings created by the talented Madame Eclore for So Charmed.


Here and there, a heart has recieved more violent damage than a mere stress fracture, but always can be patched up again to get back in the game. My Mended Heart was sold long ago, a one-0f-a-kind necklace made from a hand-dyed lace wedding dress embellishment that I appropriately tortured with my nice and then fixed with stitches, safety pins and duct tape… because I am a very caring person and do not want to see any heart suffer.


But to leave you on a sweeter note (if ironically so), there are even Happy Puffy Hearts at So Charmed, like the little hair baubles pictured above. And, if you’ve read this far, you deserve some special sweetness! Please take 15% off of any piece of jewelry that features a heart, with the exception of sterling charm bracelets. Mention this blog post with your paypal payment and I will refund you promptly! Offer good through the end of January. xoxoxox, my loves!