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Great Design for a Great Band


The only thing better than a night of hard-hitting rock ‘n roll (lead, no less by one of DC’s original punk rockers and Molly’s dad, Glenn Kowalski, aka Jake Whipp) is being invited to the show by way of a kick-ass email flyer, designed by the ultra talented Beth Clawson. Check out 7 Door Sedan’s “glam psychedelic soul thing” TOMORROW NIGHT at DC’s hip H Street spot, The Red and the Black (details above).

To receive Beth’s cool invites in your email inbox, sign up at the band’s Web site. Visit their myspace page to hear their groovin’ sound.

The Quarry House Tavern (beers. burgers. basement.) not only claims to be “Silver Spring’s favorite dive for over 70 years” but is lately threatening to actually put the revitalized downtown ‘hood on the DC Area’s musical map. I highly recommend this underground pub where new owner Jackie is booking great local bands, serving up such treats as fried pickles, and where you’ll find an unparalleled exotic beer menu.

Another spot where The Sedan + friends have been making the scene is Baltimore’s Sidebar Tavern, where punk shows rule the night, and John Waters has been known to stop by. A fun place that pretty much defines hole-in-the-wall.