My So Charmed Life




One of the products central to the vast empire (!) that is So Charmed, is the custom charm bracelet. I’ve literally done hundreds of these and each and every time I am thoroughly blown away by the infinite design possibilities this little medium offers me. And, more importantly I am completely and profoundly moved by the people who come to me for these treasures… more often than not they are the most fascinating and creative individuals I’ve ever “met.” Somehow, despite the fact that all of our communications are via email, and I often don’t even see a photo of the customer herself, I am drawn into the intimate details of her life, dreams, and memories. And the results are probably the most beautiful and meaningful jewelry work I will ever do. I’m not tootin’ my own horn here, I feel strongly that the bracelets truly belong to their owners in every sense of the word. It is their openness and partnership that provides the content, palette and wonderful uniqueness of these works.


Joan, a self-proclaimed late-bloomer (me too!) shared an amazing story that included everything from James Ellroy, the Black Dahlia, vintage 40’s make-up packaging, noir Los Angeles… and too many lush things to mention here. In the detail above a sterling silver train sits next to a vintage black button I scored on a trip to the East Village… combing through an old sewing notions store the size of a tiny closet. It had just the right late 40’s feel and is an example of my life colliding with my client’s during this process.


Literature, the letter J, and a very rare vintage lantern-esque bead hold court next to a sterling silver vintage radio and dahlia charms. Joan and I agreed to mix metals (brass, gold and silver)… something that can be tricky, but when done properly is gorgeous!

The murder weapon, glass beads from my collection (tens of thousands stored in color-coded fishing tackle boxes), and a hand-painted tiny tube of red lipstick! Joan is a redhead and we decided upon small touches of red for some pop against the noir blacks and lavenders. Also pictured, a wonderful early plastic black floral cabochon that I made into a charm.


Amazing and rare bell flower charm and a vintage earring part that had a perfect deco feel and a lovely citrine stone. Sterling silver camera so Joan can continue to capture her life in pictures!

Many special thanks to Joan for the amazing partnership and for allowing me to blog about her bracelet. For more information on a custom heirloom bracelet of your own, check the custom page at So Charmed, and then get in touch.