Club Paradise


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No man is an island Jack
You could be tougher than a rock
One and one’s got to make contact
To get on the right track yeah
When you see in your life something missing
And for all the good things that you’re wishing
There’s a place you can go where the vibes are nice just like paradise
Sweet paradise, sweet paradise, club paradise, sweet paradise

Jimmy Cliff, Club Paradise

Island breezes, ocean salt and rhythmic drum beats from afar. A gorgeous bohemian curation in the form of a tribal-infused necklace features beads from many lands (Africa, Czech, India, etc.), vintage reclaimed Indian sari fiber, bone skull, vertebrae bead, encased game piece with lucky number 3, destroyed and rusted bottle cap/hardware, vintage industrial chain. Nonstop full of brilliant colorful joy and post-apocalyptic rustic vibes, a poem, a story, a traveller’s tale.

Approximately 18 inches long but just let me know if you’d like an adjustment at no additional cost.

Absolutely one of a kind, ready to ship.

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