Scattered across the ocean floor, there are more than 300 million shipwrecks, containing billions of dollars worth of cargo. I imagine this bracelet might have been made of the scavenged remains of some lost pirate ship.

A fired clay focal with amazing silver metallic finish flashes hints of aqua and fuchsia… with a raised bumpy pattern in matte mustard. Trust me, it’s really one of the coolest objects I’ve ever seen. Sits beautifully on the wrist with vintage industrial steel chain, forged hook, and clasp made from old kuchi finding that has two ruby/glass stones. A fantastic verdigris crust has been applied.

This bracelet wants to fit you perfectly… loose enough for comfort but not so loose as to roll around the wrist. I will finish it to your measurement at purchase; and please email if you have any questions.

Absolutely a divine, artful, strangely evocative, one of a kind object d’art.

Everywhere You Go Bangle Stack

A tramp, a gentleman, a poet, a dreamer, a lonely fellow, always hopeful of romance and adventure.  Charlie Chaplin

This lovely bangle stack will take you everywhere, from romantic adventure to poetic dreams. Metal bangles, hand tarnished and wire-wrapped with fiber, lace, string, vintage rhinestones, labradorite, crystal, tribal and seed beads, and old buttons. Glamorous, rustic, post-apocalyptic gypsy boho prettiness. Two are plain and three are embellished, five bracelets total as shown. This elegant stack looks amazing with jeans and boots, a vintage LBD or a simple white tank for summer.

Lucky Bangle Stack

Half the fun of the travel is the esthetic of lostness.  Ray Bradbury

Whether you are lost, or found… whether your travels have taken you far of body or simply imagination, the gypsy bangle stack is a perfect accompaniment for your adventures.

Each one of a kind  stack is carefully curated and executed, with antique fiber and wire-wrap, global beads, and treasured charms. The five bracelets here are in a lovely neutral colorway with brighter bits and include carved bone skull, lucky bone dice, lovely driftwood, electronic resistor, handcrafted ceramic bead, glass from around the world, and vintage sari fiber from India. Sold as a set–three embellished, two plain.