My So Charmed Life

Beach Eye Candy


Rehoboth beach was lovely this year. The gray skies kept us from burning our skin, and allowed for loooooong days with feet in the sand and noses in books. These Seussian kites appeared at dusk in the evenings in front of our hotel.

Between us, 7 books were read in 6 days time. Record-breaking and so relaxing. Impressively, Molly made it through Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood in 3 days, and my favorite read was Citrus County by John Brandon, also a crime novel and a very gripping read.

At night the whole town is transformed, the garish lights, the noise of Funland, and the parade of humanity on the boardwalk.

Molly is on this ride, I am not!

We discussed riding this together… until Molly said: Mom, you know it goes backwards.

This made us laugh. A store riffing on the Hot Topic brand, but in such a lame way!

We gambled the nights away, winning tickets and cashing in for a giant stuffed giraffe and many other goodies.

Above, this year’s favorite photo, and one that really sums up the experience for me. Sweet as… well, the sign says it all.