My So Charmed Life

A Few of My Favorite Things #7


There is no dress, no piece of jewelry, not even a hat that will transform your look like the right (or even wrong!) wig. From my limited, but outrageously fun personal experience, these accoutrements not only transform your appearance; a wig will completely transform YOU.

And… as long you’re willing to go for such an extreme make-over, why not go all the way? Pictured above is one of Sweet Hayseed’s works of art, the Victoria Valentino Art Wig.

Admittedly, I could rock this ‘do (The Jungle Sun Sprite Wig, also from Sweet Hayseed) just by letting my hair Jew-fro grow out again, etc, etc… but I’m just digging the e-z short style too much. Besides, keeping it short means it will fit better under… that’s right, WIGS! Because you know that in reality, I’m just an old Drag Supastar! For more wigs, and because you know you wanna, try another favorite shop of mine, Fifi Mahoney’s, down in Nola, where they surely know how to do parade-quality hair.