My So Charmed Life

A Few of My Favorite Things #12


Although it was the mid-80’s before I got to London for the first time, punk was still happening on the streets and the clothing of designer Tomomi Fukuda–Urban Guerrillas– reminds me so much of that trip… The King’s Road, Body Map, World’s End, and the amazing DIY marketplace, Hyper-Hyper, where kids sat in booths with sewing machines… long before anyone knew what DIY meant.

Alas, mohair sweaters and I are not the best of friends these days due to a pervasive itch factor for me among other things, but the t-shirt above, with the shop’s slogan, could be just the thing!

Visit Urban Guerrillas to see the many fabulous candy and licorice colorways of these loose-knit rocking cool sweaters, but also to shop for tights, ties, and tees, all in the spirit of early British punk. Then head over here to read a full interview with Komomi where she discusses designing for Green Day’s American Idiot Tour. Yeah, how cool is that?!