A Day at The Circus: #6


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“There is no greater picture than that of 10,000 smiling children. No brighter music than their clear-ringing laughter. That I, with my small amusements, have created such precious art is my life’s proudest achievement.”  PT Barnum, (1810-1891)

To read the full story behind this wearable art capsule collaboration with Double Stars, head back to the main Circus Capsule page. Below, you’ll find details on this particular neckace, A Day at the Circus #1 (limited edition of 6). The main photo at the top and the first 4 photos below are of this necklace. The last two photos show you the modular nature and the capsule mood image for the entire collection, but are NOT necessarily this necklace.

#6 features all of the common elements to the series: A unique scrap yarn crocheted textile base, approx. 46″, (this one features a tonal bright happy colors, pink, puple, bling fiber), fixed pompoms, one removable pompom affixed to a hair barrette clip, a handmade Free Circus Animals pin badge, 1 bead-filled jelly bangle, 2 striped African jelly bangles made from recycled flip-flop, vintage plastic whistle, vintage plastic skull charm, Viewmaster reel from the series A Day at the Circus, c.1957, three antique mid-century circus animal toys in used condition: a dear polar bear, striped tiger and pink lion. The necklaces with only two celluloid critters are priced a little lower. Note: Viewmaster viewer not included.

As with all of these necklaces, most of the bits ‘n pieces are removable and can be rearranged in any manner that suits you or left off completely, giving you a textile-only necklace and a pile of other fun stuff to play with and wear. Necklace can be worn long or cross-body, or shorter and doubled with a button/loop clasp. Crazy modularity!

Questions, please email. I would prefer that this very special piece not be shipped back and forth, so please get the answers you need to decide.

Painted dress by Yusho Kobayashi.

I am happy to answer questions and please click photos below to enlarge.