Sale: Gallery of Poems: A Child’s Nightmare

Sale: Gallery of Poems: A Child’s Nightmare

Through long nursery nights he stood
By my bed unwearying,
Loomed gigantic, formless, queer,
Purring in my haunted ear
That same hideous nightmare thing,
Talking, as he lapped my blood,
In a voice cruel and flat,
Saying for ever, “Cat! … Cat! … Cat!…

Robert Graves

One of a kind hand-tarnished sterling silver bracelet features a beautiful handmade vintage kitty picture charm in pink distressed metal frame and a lovely collection of vintage buttons (early plastic and/or bakelite) in subtle tones of butter, brick, sienna, brown, mother of pearl, crystal, mauve, burgundy. Bracelet is 7 inches.

Note, elements are in used, vintage collection, which may mean scratches, dirt, and other lovely abuses of time. Tarnish may lessen or increase with wearing.

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