Please look for your question here first. You don’t need to read the entire lengthy text, just scroll through the bolded areas to see if your question has been asked by anyone else. If not, please do get in contact.

Q: Where do you get your supplies and/or how do you (insert technique here)?
A: These are the two most frequently asked questions! If you read my blog, I will occasionally post information about sources for supplies or how certain techniques are done. Other than that, I do not share such information.

Q: How do you price items?
A: It’s difficult, all artists struggle with this, and I do too. I try to price things fairly, paying myself for the development of both my ideas and the actual execution of those ideas, for sourcing and obtaining supplies, taking and creating beautiful photos, writing text and managing a web site, blog, and social media pages on facebook and flickr, designing and producing the packaging, getting things ready to send out, and frequent trips to the post office. These are all things that go into every single piece of jewelry I make and sell, the complex items and the smaller simpler-seeming things alike. There’s no pricing formula, I just try to do what’s fair for the quality of work I’m designing and producing. And, btw, I do NOT make/sell jewelry for a living. I have a full time day job as a graphic designer, am the mother of a teenage girl, and more or less make jewelry for the love of art and design in wearable forms.

Q: Do you sell wholesale?
A: No, not at this time. A very large order (6 or more pieces) may qualify for a discount though, please email me to discuss.

Q: Will you take a check? Any other forms of payment?
A: PayPal is the preferred secure method of payment for So Charmed. And, you don’t need a PayPal account to use the service, you can use your credit cards via PayPal. I do not accept checks. Money Orders may be accepted, but please email me first.

Q: How is shipping calculated?
A: Shipping is calculated based on the total of your order, not on an item-by-item basis. Shipping fees cover not just postage, but also packaging up your item and getting it to the Post Office. If a mistake is made and you are overcharged by $2 or more, I will refund to your PayPal account when I return from the PO.

Q: How are domestic U.S. packages shipped?
A: All packages are mailed USPS priority insured. It’s a little more expensive, but worth it for your jewelry. Packages to east coast addresses may only take a few days. Packages to west coast addresses could take 5 or more days, but generally less. IF something does not arrive in a timely manner, PLEASE take the following steps: FIRST, check with your local post office to see if it is being held there for you for some reason. If that’s not the case, please get in touch with me and I’ll check with my post office. If something arrives damaged YOU MUST save the original mail packaging that the product arrived in in order to file an insurance claim with the US Postal Service. If you do not save my original packing materials, I will NOT BE ABLE to help you get an insurance refund and the loss will be yours.

Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: Yes, but there is no tracking or insurance service available and all packages are mailed at your own risk. There is NO reliable, cost effective method to ensure safe and timely delivery over seas. Some countries seem to do better than others, some countries (Italy, for example) are often problematic and take weeks or even months for packages to arrive. I have NO CONTROL over this.

Q: What if I need something in a hurry?
A: If you are a domestic US customer, email me to discuss delivery options. I can use FedEx; it is more expensive. Overseas… I’m sorry, but I simply can not arrange for or guarantee any sort of timed deliveries.

Q: Do you accept returns?
A: I work really hard to provide gorgeous pictures that really show you what each piece looks like, and because I don’t want my work traveling back and forth around the world, please shop carefully. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact me before purchasing. I prefer not to take returns, but I also want you to be thrilled with your jewelry. If something arrives and is not how it was pictured, or if you have a problem with your purchase, let me know. Jewelry is packed very carefully, but if something arrives damaged, YOU MUST save the original packing materials in order to be refunded via the USPS insurance. Overseas packages CAN NOT be insured and are shipped at the recipients risk. YOU MUST get in touch with me within a few days of receipt of your items if there is any problem.

Q: Do you do custom work? What about those charm bracelets you used to do?
A: At this time, I’m taking a break from custom projects so that I can spend the time I have for my art following my own creative muse. It’s sometimes possible to adjust the length of a necklace, but other than that, I prefer not to take custom orders. Yes, I made a LOT of beautiful custom charm bracelets in the past! If you are interested in one, please feel free to get in touch. The starting price for these is $425.

Q: Do you still sell on Etsy?
A: I will maintain a small Etsy shop for the time being. However, all new jewelry will be listed here at so-charmed.com first and may not be listed on Etsy at all. Both paypal AND etsy take fees for sales, so I’d love it if you shopped here directly from the artist!

Q: May I copy your work?
A: ┬áNo. I consider all so charmed jewelry–as well as the text, web sites, and every aspect of the business–to be works of art, and as such they are protected by U.S. copyright law and intellectual property rights. While I know that some artists don’t mind (and even encourage) copying, my position on this is firm. I work hard at what I do and my intention is to make fabulous, unique art, for selling to an appreciative clientele.

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