About the Designer


fightclubsaville8JODI BLOOM, designer and storyteller, is the provocateur behind So Charmed. Jodi studied fine art at RISD and UMD, graduating with a BA in ’79. She has been designing and making art for over 30 years. Jodi is also passionate about underground fashion and has been thrifting and collecting avant garde clothing for just as long. Favorite fashion designers include  Alexander McQueen, Elsa Schiaparelli, Vivienne Westwood, and Selene Gibbous. You can see some of Jodi’s clothing creations and other stitchy explorations on flickr.

With a prior incarnation as a published short fiction writer (work in 30+ literary magazines and anthologies during the 1990’s alongside a few of her writerly heros such as David Foster-Wallace… sorry to name drop, but really!), and a daytime gig managing the clients and work of designfarm — her graphics practice in the DC metro area, Jodi found jewelry  a perfect medium with which to realize conceptual pieces that could also be worn. Her work often tells a vividly imagined story, is sometimes political, and engages her vast collection of vintage beads, findings and treasured found objects.

Creative influences include growing up in the midwest, carnivals and the circus, rock ‘n roll, black American culture, world cultures, literature, Victoriana, mourning jewelry, Andy Warhol, Marcel Duchamp, Arthur Rimbaud and many other things. Some favorite materials include vintage beads and newer beads from around the globe, taxidermy, millinery, textiles, buttons and anything in which a hole can be drilled.

Jodi’s work has been featured in many curated books, blogs (MrXStitchJoetta Maue, 18kt, SubversiveCrossstitch + others) and print magazines (Bust, InStyle, Aishti, etc.), and has been worn by more than one celebrity rockstar, actress, writer, and artist. Work was commissioned by April Winchell of Regretsy for the jewelry section divider page of her hilarious book. Two pieces of jewelry were curated into an international exhibit–RimbaudMania–which opened in Paris in 2010. Those pieces now reside in the permanent collection of the Rimbaud Museum in Charleville-Mézières, France.

Jodi lives in Takoma Park, MD with her partner (the BF), daughter and occasional model, Molly Bess, and a houseful of animals. She gives thanks to all of these critters, as well as her parents Phyllis and Stuart for their abiding love and support of her creative spirit. Visit the contact page to get in touch.